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The Second ERA-CAPS call for proposals is now closed.

The Second ERA-CAPS call for proposals launched on 14 January 2014 is
entitled: “Expanding the European Research Area in Molecular Plant Sciences II”.
The launch date of the call for pre-proposals is  14 January 2014.
Submission period ends on 14 March 2014, 12:00 CET.
Goal : This second ERA-CAPS call will fund high quality collaborative transnational research in fundamental molecular plant science. The expected duration of projects will be three years.
Partners: 19 ERA-CAPS partner organisations or ERA-CAPS associated organisations from 18 countries will participate in this second call (see call notice for details)
Topic : By agreement of the funding organisations involved, the second joint call launched by ERA-CAPS is intended to allow maximum engagement of the plant science community and is therefore broad in scope, covering all areas of molecular plant science.
How to submit your application: The pre-proposal must be uploaded to the electronic submission system:  pre-proposal submission
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