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Workshop “Shaping Data Management infrastructure for Plant Sciences through ERA-CAPS” Wednesday August 1st in Freiburg, Germany

During the Plant Biology Congress in Freiburg, there will be a workshop on Shaping Data Management Infrastructure for Plant Sciences on Wednesday August 1st.
It is jointly organized by ERA-CAPS and EPSO, the co-host of the Freiburg conference.

As announced before, the workshop will start at 14.00 in room 1016 of Kollegiengebäude I (KG I) Platz der Universität 3, in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

Science Funding Organisations from currently 16 European and 3 non-European member states, along with observers from 4 more countries and EPSO, are determined to jointly strengthen plant science. The Research Councils involved are planning two joint calls for international research proposals within the ERA-CAPS framework. Our ambition is to have a data policy in place right from the start of at least one of these calls, and to help establish a Data Management Infrastructure that will be sustained well beyond ERA-CAPS. This should be beneficial for plant science in general, and will add to maximizing the societal and scientific impact of (plant) science initiatives funded by public means.

For a preliminary outline of the workshop, click here.

The meeting will then be summarized with special emphasis on the following points:

  • On what issues there seems to be a general agreement?
  • What issues need further actions/investigations (because opinions differ and/or because time for a proper discussion proved lacking)?
  • Is there a common opinion on what ERA-CAPS should aim for, and how ERA-CAPS should try to realize that aim sustainably?
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