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Meta Knowledge Base for ERA-CAPS

Find the needle in the haystack!

In May 2013, the ERA-CAPS Meta Knowledge Base (MKB) will be launched. A similar MKB is now available for inspiration.

Finding partners and projects: A needle in a haystack

Mapping existing knowledge within the heterogeneous research and development area of molecular plant science is not a simple task, since a great deal of important knowledge and information is not available through scientific publications.

Therefore, the MKB has been developed. In this interactive website, researchers and developers provide information about their expertise and research, jointly creating an overview tool on possible individual- and organisation partners.


Benefits of the MKB

The MKB will

  • map and link skills and knowledge in the sector of molecular plant science
  • facilitate searching skills by keywords
  • help finding project partners for the ERA-CAPS calls
  • assist researchers and developers to get in contact and network with fellow workers


Experiencing MKB

ERA-CAPS partners now have the opportunity to experience the MKB developed for the SUSFOOD ERA-Net before the ERA-CAPS MKB is launched. The SUSFOOD MKB is available at

ERA-CAPS partners are encouraged to try out the SUSFOOD MKB and report their initial opinions to the MKB development team.

Please send any comments on the MKB functionality to Anna Laybourn, e-mail:

Contact: Anna Laybourn

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