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The Third ERA-CAPS call for proposals has been launched on 23 June 2016

The Call is entitled: “Europe-USA Call strengthening transnational research in the Molecular Plant Sciences”. Nine funding agencies from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, U.K. and USA participate in the call with a total indicative budget of up to 15 M €.

This Third ERA-CAPS aims to support high quality collaborative transnational research projects in fundamental molecular plant science. Research themes include (but are not limited to): Food and Nutrition Security; Non-Food Crops; Adaptation to a Changing Climate and Biotic/Abiotic Stress.

The objective of this call is to stimulate true collaboration between research teams of different countries in order to achieve the highest quality projects, to increase synergies between national programmes and to strengthen international research in molecular plant sciences. The funding partners agree that this unifying approach is a fundamental prerequisite to maximise the utility of the limited resources available and to meet the European and global demand for molecular plant science innovation with a long-term perspective.

A novelty is that, alongside the main call, ERA-CAPS launches a sub-call that focuses attention on the specific area of solving data challenges in plant science research. Proposals submitted to this sub-call will be reviewed in conjunction with the proposals submitted to the main call.

Building on the ERA-CAPS ERA-Net that was supported by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme until mid-2015, ERA-CAPS has now become a self-sustained network. The network comprises currently 11 partners from 10 European countries and the USA, and 9 observers (8 of them funding organisations). The network is coordinated by BBSRC, UK and the Call Secretariat is hosted by the DFG (Germany).

More information about this call is available at the link:

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